Who we are

We are a traditional Bolivian business group, leaders in the different sectors within which we operate. We apply high production and management standards to compete worldwide.

The Latin American Investment Group is composed of profitable and competitive companies operating across a wide range of sectors. They are leaders due to the initiative and vision they are managed. The companies of the group rely on and are committed to the development of the country, thus, contributing to the progress of communities within which they operate. They are sources of work, innovation, and opportunities.


We are a group of leading companies committed to providing local and foreign markets with quality products and services. Focused on austerity, effort, transparency, and union, we want to grow and surpass our goals to satisfy our stakeholders.


We are a group of Bolivians with a clear vision: doing business, creating opportunities, simultaneously innovating with the country, and being leaders in the region.


The Latin American Investment Group's companies are committed to the quality of the products and services they provide exceeding the international standards to compete and lead in all competitive markets.


The companies of the Latin American Investment Group bet on Bolivia and they work permanently and efficiently to generate wealth, work, and welfare for the country.


The behavior of all the people that are part of the Latin American Investment Group denotes integrity and ethics.


For the Latin American Investment Group's companies, the workers are the most valuable assets. Part of the companies' success principle is a concern for their employees. They firmly believe in providing training for employees, encouraging their professional development and participation, and recognizing their achievements."